Deep Meditation: Relaxation & Sleep Meditation App

Deep Meditation: Relaxation & Sleep Meditation App

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Meditation has a lot to offer to a stressed person. Not only can meditation reduce stress in traditionally high-stress occupations, it has the potential to help you sleep better, improve interpersonal interactions, and enjoy life a bit more.

Deep Meditation a tool to help you get meditating more often. Simply open the app, select your meditation theme and press play. No subscriptions, no ads, and absolutely no distractions. Simply sit back, relax, and breathe.

And don’t worry if you have never meditated before. Each meditation in the app is a guided meditation, one that will talk you through each and every step. There are meditations of shorter duration for beginners, as well as longer duration sessions for seasoned meditators looking for an app to suit their needs.

15 unique meditations

There are 4 distinct categories of meditations: breathing, imagery, muscle relaxation, and classic sessions.

Breathe In - A set of 4 meditations of different durations ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Great for a quick 5 minute moment of peace during work or a 20 minute session feel a sustained sense of calm. Great for beginners!

Escape Out - A set of 2 relaxing visualizations of mountains, peaks, and sunshine. Feel the cool air as it rises up a mountain or the rocks that rise to the peak. Be one with nature with this visualization and relaxing programme.

Muscle Relaxation - A set of 4 in-depth relaxation exercises for a weary body ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. Progressive muscle relaxation uses the ancient yogic technique of yoganidra and controlled breathing to de-tense your muscles immediately.

Classical Sessions - A set of 5 distinct meditations consisting of seated meditations, vipassana meditations, loving-kindness meditations, and meditations on wisdom, and working with difficulties.

You can choose from over 15 meditations to suit your needs. These types of meditations help in reducing anxiety, managing ADHD, overcoming panic attacks, and of course, keeping stress under control. Get that much needed shut eye, and deep relaxation that you've been needing.

Music for Humans

Calm your mind using our rich catalog of relaxing music, ambient melodies, and environmental recordings. Loop over the following sounds infinitely:

- Burning Fire
- Distant Thunder
- Jungle Rapids
- Lapping Water
- Rain in an Old Theatre
- Concentration
- Extremely Relaxing Piano
- White Noise
- Rain on Umbrella
- Mountain Wind
- Fire Burning
- Cicada
- Drone in D
- Healing

and over 44+ more mode specific music tracks and soundscapes that combine natural sounds and instrumental melodies to form the perfect atmosphere for solo meditation or work. Any and all of these tracks can be either streamed online or downloaded for offline use.

Meditation Timer

Meditating in solitude can be an enlightening experience. But practice makes perfect. A timer helps keep track of time so you don't have to think about it. All timers can be customised by you to have a starting bell, background music, and an ending bell. At the end, the time you meditated for will be added to your progress statistic.

Open-Ended Timer

Keep time while you meditate. a clock will track your minutes and add it to your progress. You may also choose to have a bell ring at an interval to keep your mind present, and in-the-moment.

This app is part of Deep Relax, a non-profit organization that teaches people to meditate and life mindfully for free. Our goal is to help people around the world find peace through self-discovery. Please feel free to visit us at to learn more about our work. Please find all of the information regarding licensing of the third-party content and technologies used in this app in the Settings screen within the app.

If you have any questions or requests, please reach out to us.


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